bougi then.

Once upon a time, there was a vision. To cultivate, build and maintain a new wave of cultural excellence. Highlighting best, conscientiously. An unabashed approach to brilliance, intelligently. Celebrating ethnicity, blindly. Power in truth, triumphantly. That vision, became a plan: a furious amalgamation of the arts, music, social awareness, humanitarianism, Africa, Arabia, entertainment, style and global impact. That plan, became a reality…

bougi now.

Directed by , bougi is a way to be… Your authority for all things  authentically artistic – at a time where mediocrity’s position is quite irritatingly paramount. Beaming with stories, projects, people, parties  and valuable connection, all dedicated to the redefinition of better. An integrated model of traditional knowledge, modern application and appreciation.  A superb think tank. Steady bridge. Smart tool. Trust-worthy friend. Focused on providing, doing, being…the best.


bougi future.

A culture. A movement. A hub. A guide. A constant inspiration, celebration and force in cultural diversity – stylishly. Correctly. Internationally. Truly. Definitively bougi.

bougi boss.


has been labeled all sorts of things: Cultural integrator, PR guru, activist, writer, soiree host, brand consultant, socialite, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, influential, the Middle East’s Oprah Winfrey, powerhouse, activist, insider, enigma, the list goes on. As founder of bougi, Rozan has mused with the entire world, creatively contributing to the arts and social development on a multitude of barrier-breaking platforms.

She counts a global network of stars, business leaders, trend influencers and political figures as her trusted black book, fashion as wearable art, ‘primitive’ as smart, intelligence as key, music as God’s medicine, the Middle East as her globally centralised hotel room, and Africa as the future.