∆ Consulting

From start-up to established, bougi’s here not only to inspire, but to genuinely help. We advise on all elements of public relations, profile management, and memorable brand impact.

∆ Collaboration

We collaberate with like-minded people and brands to create and curate the most memorable moments. Be it a special campaign, event or arts project, we’ve done it all – beautifully.

∆ Access Africa & Arabia

bougi has amassed one of the most powerful networks across the Middle East and Africa, which means we give you the opportunity to make the most impact within these territories, simply and reliably.

∆ Events

Our special events range from finely orchestrated dining (right people, right conversation, right food, right ambiance), to bougi brand lounges and perfect parties, all put together to bring together the best.

∆ Editorial intelligence

Columns and news. Stories and views. Necessary slews. bougi news. Music, fashion, people and places. Perceptions, questions, learning. Lessons. We are our own popular media.

∆ Video Production

Curating documentaries, music videos, visual promotion, special events, and anything else you believe requires memorable capture. From filming to post-production, the whole chain. Done and done.