bougi & Mohammed Al Turki

One of Hollywood's most exciting creatives, we worked closely with the Saudi born film producer in creating, carving and cementing his essential message of cultural integration.

bougi & Michelle Rodriguez

In a creative endeavour to explore Middle Eastern culture, Rozan and Michelle joined forces on a 5-day whirlwind tour across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia.

bougi & Prince Fahad Al Saud

An innovative champion for the younger generation, both Arab and global, the Stanford graduate from Saudi Arabia is already honing a legacy in what it means to be young, relevant and socially entrepreneurial

bougi & Canada’s Prime Minister

On an official visit to the African nation of Sudan, Rozan was brought in to oversee all aspects of ground media handling, working alongside the Prime Minister's Office in Ottowa, Canada.

bougi & P.Diddy

Known worldwide for his extravagant parties, we partnered with Mr. Combs on a number of his London based bashes alongside the UK's Jeannette Calliva, ensuring an impressive guest list, superb music, first class venues and unforgettable evenings had by every special guest invited.

bougi & Justin Timberlake

To celebrate the end of his UK tour, Woodhead Calliva collaborated with Rozan Ahmed to host what was a coveted closing party for the superstar in one of London's top West End venues.

bougi & Jay Z

Once upon a time, "The Black Album" was announced as Mr. Carter's last long player release. So, we encouraged (and soon joined forces) with the UK's Princes Trust to stage a show that would - at that time - also be Jay Z's last. Alongside a slew of carefully selected British & American talent, we came together  to successful ly execute "The Princes Trust Urban Music Festival", one of the UK's most memorable moments in music.

bougi & Emmanuel Jal

The international hip hop artist, activist, author and actor has gone from strength to strength as one of the planet's most formidable beings when it comes to music, purpose and peace.

bougi & Akala

In close coordination with the British Council, Rozan orchestrated and creatively documented Akala's first visit to the North African country of Sudan.