bougi & The United Nations

Rozan and her team were praised by the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS), the GOS (Government of Sudan) and GOSS (Government of Southern Sudan) for orchestrating the country's first celebratory concert highlighting the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

bougi & Kenya Vision 2030

With a view to target Kenyan youth, we consulted with Kenya's Vision 2030 to create content with local music star, Juliani. His track "Exponential Potential" spoke to us as an anthem for the entire nation.

bougi & Green Bar

Tapping into the way Cleopatra used to do it, Green Bar's Reem Al Khalifa has re-invented traditional beauty products in such a wondrous way that it was only 'natural' (pun intended) for bougi to jump on board.

bougi & We Want Peace

Rozan has been an advocate of Emmanuel Jal's We Want Peace campaign since its inception in 2010, actively supporting, engaging and advising on all elements outreach, including the We Want Peace Business Gala which recently took place in Juba.

bougi & BMW

BMW wanted to creatively present its brand to Bahrain's influential market. They wanted something fresh, appealing, cool and unique. Naturally, bougi's stellar events (LINK TO EVENTS) were the answer.