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bougi & Global Fashion Weeks

Rozan Ahmed is regularly invited to highlight some of the world's most coveted fashion events.

bougi & Mohammed Al Turki

One of Hollywood's most exciting creatives, we worked closely with the Saudi born film producer in creating, carving and cementing his essential message of cultural integration.

bougi & Michelle Rodriguez

In a creative endeavour to explore Middle Eastern culture, Rozan and Michelle joined forces on a 5-day whirlwind tour across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia.

bougi & The Hip Hop Shakespeare Company

Founded by Akala, one of the UK's biggest hip hop artists, we joined forces with the inspiring Hip hop Shakespeare Company (THSC).

bougi & The United Nations

Rozan and her team were praised by the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS), the GOS (Government of Sudan) and GOSS (Government of Southern Sudan) for orchestrating the country's first celebratory concert highlighting the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

bougi & Louis Vuitton

In launching new collections and generally maintaining good relations with their Middle Eastern clientele, Louis Vuitton came together with Rozan to host a number of successful in-store events in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

bougi & Chanel

Rozan's relationship (and love) with the Chanel brand continues to blossom and ever inspire.

bougi & The Princes Trust

As special advisor to the Princes Trust, Rozan worked closely with the organisation in orchestration of the UK's FIRST Urban Music Festival, developing and executing a concept of "US meets UK", spotlighting the best of urban music from both sides of the Atlantic and celebrating all, equally, on one very memorable stage.

bougi & Fashion Forward

Dubai's Fashion Forward is fast shaping itself as one of the Middle East's most prominent fashion platforms, showcasing the best in regional talent with a crucial view on education, mentorship and guidance as key requirements in the industry's positive development.

bougi & Prince Fahad Al Saud

An innovative champion for the younger generation, both Arab and global, the Stanford graduate from Saudi Arabia is already honing a legacy in what it means to be young, relevant and socially entrepreneurial