So, Fashion Forward…If a resident in Dubai, you may have seen the poster boards – everywhere. If remotely interested in Middle East fashion, you’re bound to have heard about it – a lot. If quite the cynic of everything Dubai related when it comes to fashion intelligence, you’re probably not interested - at all.And how can anyone blame

Chanel. You already know.

Just one of those iconic brands that impossibly but very possibly never ceases to fail. It is an ultimate love affair, that never cheats. A most inspiring friend, never disappointing.

Every being associated, regardless of ‘faux’ level, becomes somehow completely uplifted. Just like that. And with every counterfeit maker so closely following Chanel’s every move,

You’ll be reading this in the new year. But as of now, I’m still in 2012…startled by the year’s near end, and grateful for its overall momentousness. The forefront of my vision (as regular readers of this column will know) has always been to expose what is ethnically grand, to culturally merge creativity with

I’m inside my second home. A plane. En route to Dubai after almost a month of New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, presidential elections, memorable forums, marvellous galas, random “Bond” nights, momentary shopping and unexpected hurricanes.

T’was an interesting time, with many, many wondrous moments. Some of which were mildly aggravated by