One of these pictures comes off a Parisian catwalk.

The other, from a small town in East Africa.

Well… How about that.

The debate between “inspiration” and cultural thievery, continues.


The “Sapiosexual”…

One who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature.

A form of sexual orientation characterized by a strong attraction to intelligence in others.

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There’s this popular monthly music festival in Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi. It’s called “Blankets & Wine”. I was in town. I was invited.  There were due performances by South Africa’s Tumi & Volume and Kenya’s own Sautisol. And so, off I went.


The added pleasure of

Capturing some of the prettier sights at last week’s Michael Kors gathering, which took place at a lovely little venue called ”The Farm”. Situated somewhere significantly remote, outdoors, rather green, very fresh. A tastier Dubai find. Kudos to the ”Qode”.

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It’s not often one’s committed to a series of occasions – all in one night- on every possible end of the social scale…and Dubai’s probably the only place on the planet where this would even be possible.

In light of the UAE’s upcoming 41st birthday, it’s only fair we highlight just how madly

Once upon a time, an established entrepeneur by the name of Lukman Akanbi decided to move to the United Arab Emirates.

Lukman was from Nigeria. Fiercely proud of both his nation and mother continent, he went about a vision to solidly implement an African precense in his new Middle Eastern home.

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You’ve read all the hype…. and if you haven’t, feel free to google.

As always, we bring you the lovely little things you actually need to know.

Dubai’s International Film Festival 2012 (DIFF). 7 days of non-stop cinematic creativity. Kudos to the programmers, makers and organisers for maintaining their labelled

When a fellow maiden in all things bougi life decided to elaborate on her Cambodian experience of a more natural and genuine world treasure, we thought it only fair to elaborate further, with the rest of you. As believers in redefining today’s state of so called luxury, and basically breaking down what is correct, in really good

“Here we go again, another Hollywood blockbuster serving up the cultural servants… these new age famed “negroes”, so foolishly prepared to humiliate their worth and history for a few dollars. Cementing superior rhetoric - again. Single story slave narrative with no recognition of previous glory - again. The transformation of pain into pageantry - again.

A quartet set of producers. All under 30. All fantastically fusing their musical tastes into one live act of #unabletolabel sound, so very definitively London…

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