So… wow. The world’s first flying cars.

Ready for sale by 2015, according to Shock Mansion.

Part sedan. Part private jet.

Not quite sure how to accept this.

Can’t be wonderful for reducing pollution.

Overall though, a kind of excited, kind of also scared kind of feeling?

The “Sapiosexual”…

One who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature.

A form of sexual orientation characterized by a strong attraction to intelligence in others.

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When a fellow maiden in all things bougi life decided to elaborate on her Cambodian experience of a more natural and genuine world treasure, we thought it only fair to elaborate further, with the rest of you. As believers in redefining today’s state of so called luxury, and basically breaking down what is correct, in really good

“Here we go again, another Hollywood blockbuster serving up the cultural servants… these new age famed “negroes”, so foolishly prepared to humiliate their worth and history for a few dollars. Cementing superior rhetoric - again. Single story slave narrative with no recognition of previous glory - again. The transformation of pain into pageantry - again.

So, Fashion Forward…If a resident in Dubai, you may have seen the poster boards – everywhere. If remotely interested in Middle East fashion, you’re bound to have heard about it – a lot. If quite the cynic of everything Dubai related when it comes to fashion intelligence, you’re probably not interested - at all.And how can anyone blame

Chanel. You already know.

Just one of those iconic brands that impossibly but very possibly never ceases to fail. It is an ultimate love affair, that never cheats. A most inspiring friend, never disappointing.

Every being associated, regardless of ‘faux’ level, becomes somehow completely uplifted. Just like that. And with every counterfeit maker so closely following Chanel’s every move,