The Column: September 2013. Global weddings, culture speak, spiritual prowess & “girl, no”.

Who goes from a wedding in Montego Bay to another matrimonial affair in Ascot within a space of 36 hours whilst having to change outfits and hurriedly apply make-up in the car? Me. The explanation: After a music-filled first half of 2013′s summer segment, it was off to Jamaica for a dear friend’s wedding atop the idyllic mountains of Montego bay. A first time visit to the island, I was always intrigued by its ability to so powerfully (and globally) influence so many generations. How did this small group of Jamrock folk manage to spread their spiritual/musical entities so prominently across the entire planet?

“Jamaica Jamaica…”

photo 5 (18)

I obviously don’t know, but I will say this: On arrival, I stepped into a zone of consciousness unlike any other. A level of positivity quite difficult to explain… it’s almost as if this stunning island is somehow closer to God? I think? The energy, always, beyond, helplessly, naturally inspiring, and the people, despite the dire social problems, so, so SO unspeakably nice.

“Summer breeze…”

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It was hard to comprehend the crime issues amongst such a lovely, relaxed and spiritually in tune population (Jamaica’s murder rate is one of the highest in the world). Poverty clearly plays a big role, as well as the psycological effects resulting from years of vicious colonisation. It’s an unfortunate work in progress, but nevetheless, the might in faith, generosity and creativity abounds. The food by the way, incredible too. Plantain direct from the lords of nature and a freshness to other fruits and vegetables only experienced previously in Kenya.

“Black and yellow… and green” 

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Next, Ascot. Bahrain’s nearest and dearest descended upon the English countryside for a beautiful day of nuptials. The union of love was also showered with international congratulations – in fact, 43 nationalities present in the pretty ballroom. I do LOVE that.

“I do… with a view”

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Next, London. And via the works of Inspirational YOU, a number of speaking engagements at both Channel 4 and Google’s Headquarters, which saw me divulge with audiences on career aspirations, entrepreneurial thinking, personal branding, culture, commerce, the Middle East and Africa. You see, I’m an individual who views the whole world as her extended catwalk, therefore it’s always surprising to come across minds barely looking further than their mental doorsteps. Not necessarily by choice, but more due to the idea of no options.

“Development starts in dialogue…”

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As a dedicated advocate for the growing power in returning markets, I continued to remind London’s young graduates of the working opportunities in regions such as the UAE, GCC, East Africa, West Africa, and every part of Africa actually. You may have noticed I said “returning markets”, and not “emerging”. Language is everything you see. And last I checked, the Eastern and Southern hemispheres aren’t any less familiar with business than those in the West.


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Or in youtube views and twitter mentions?

I’m sorry. But can we just have a moment on this please. Miley Cyrus, a 20-year old wealthy child from the countryside territories of Suburban America who suddently realised a love for “twerking”, seems to think she’s succeeded in life by having the most amount of tweets surrounding THAT VMA performance.  OK. Miley. Maybe you’ve now become an advertiser’s marketing dream come true.  A somewhat safer version of Rihanna, most cheesily. A corporate brand’s human key to never-ending sales, quite possibly.

That’s nice for you, Miley. But aren’t you also supposed to be a singer? A talented one? Isn’t that supposed to be your artistic focus post the Mini Montana… thing? What happened there? Did this attention-seeking ratchet wannabe for a teengaer just want A LOT people talking about her? Does it matter if it’s negatively? Does it matter if the majority feel insulted by her? Or mortified? Or that they’ve chosen to highlight just how bad (very bad) she is at “twerking”? Is she possessed? And how desperate are MTV right now? To reach such imbecilic points of callousness for sake of viewership? And how did Robin Thicke involve himself in this spectacle of tardiness? WHY was Kendrick Lamar second to Miley, within a Miley Cyrus act?! And why are those who know better (so much better) embracing this? And how blatantly clear was everyone’s #WhatInEveryHolyName face? Wrong. Just wrong. Cringing levels of culturally appropriatng and disrespecting wrong. Let it be known. That’s all. Moment over. Bye :)

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