Women & work force, success & Saudi Arabia.

, the Middle East’s first organization dedicated to female employment, has just annouced its acquisition from Saudi-based investors SAS Holding. A significantly impressive one too. $16 million, actually.  Sincerity in belief so superbly applied.


Since its inception in 2011, Glowork’s introduced thousands of Saudi women into the Kingdom’s workplace. From inspirational panel discussions, to all-female career fairs, policy development, headhunting, training, mentoring, and offering opportunities to work from home, Glowork continues to specially empower, assist and support a growing success rate in women’s employment.

“Today is a day that showcases how Saudi start-ups can and will lead the way for future generations “ said , Glowork’s Founder and CEO.  “I started this business to build an understanding for the Middle East: that social entrepreneurship is important, and today we witness a success story.”

Saeed Abdullah Al Sarari, Chairman of SAS Holding, followed with this: “We fully believe in Glowork’s vision and expanding its current activities to the next level. We plan to build on Glowork’s strong presence in the Middle East region and through God’s will, turn it into a global entity.”

With this exciting (and historic) development Glowork will also introduce wellness into their bright picture, establishing a number of women’s fitness centers to encourage a healthy work/life balance, as the ever-growing female charge into Saudi’s labor market continues.

PS. More on the story, by Forbes, on the .

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