Black Jackets. Little ones. By Chanel. In Dubai.

Chanel. You already know.

Just one of those iconic brands that impossibly but very possibly never ceases to fail. It is an ultimate love affair, that never cheats. A most inspiring friend, never disappointing.

Every being associated, regardless of ‘faux’ level, becomes somehow completely uplifted. Just like that. And with every counterfeit maker so closely following Chanel’s every move, nothing, simply nothing, can take away from this Parisian ornament of historic, contemporary, forward and yet classic artistry.

bougi’s Rozan Ahmed & Chanel’s King Karl at the 2012 amfAR gala, Cannes.

bougi's Rozan Ahmed & Chanel's King Karl at the amfAR gala, Cannes 2012

Chanel’s shows, as part of all these ‘weeks’, have always beenhighlights in one’s fashion related life. There’s a genuine consideration in that word, ’show’ - which of course holds significant weight in display of attire. Example favorites have always been at Miami’s Raleigh hotel. Something about the aqua catwalk… always a joy to mine eye. Back to the original topic at hand, Dubai, and the Emirati arrival of Chanel’s touring exhibition celebrating the ”Little Black Jacket”.

“Correct backdrops…”

"Correct backdrops..."


A little history…

The evening’s vogue: In spirit of location, by the Middle East’s RK Designs

The evening's vogue: In spirit of location, by the Middle East's  RK Designs

 Saira Mehar, Rozan Ahmed & Sonal Vara-Vara Gross

Saira Mehar, Rozan Ahmed & Sonal Vara-Vara Gross

“Glorious settings…”

"Glorious settings..."

“Just right…”

"Just right..."

“A happier looking Kanye”

"A happier looking Kanye"

“The story of my long life” by Yoko Ono

"The story of my long life" by Yoko Ono


"Just heaven..."

“Courtesy of Shahi”

"Courtesy of Shahi"

“Courtesy of Karl”

"Courtesy of Karl"

“Hello Mr. London…”

"Hello Mr. London..."

“Those alien features… out of this world… kind of perfect”

"Those alien features... out of this world... kind of perfect"

“Saudi shimmer, accessory and glow…”

"Saudi shimmer, accessory glow..."

“Courtesy of Chanel”

"Courtesy of Chanel"

“Landscape jackets, amongst little black ones”

"Landscape jackets, amogst little black ones"

Rita Ora performed too. And while one’s never thought to associate her , or her brand, with one like Chanel’s… again… somehow, being Chanel, it worked. Well.

The LBJ exhibition remains on display at The Venue in downtown Dubai until 11 May 2013. Enjoy.

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